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jerry martinez February 15, 2019
"Spoke to libbL yesterday and she told me that David would be there in the morning at 8 to look at the job and he was there just like she said and by the afternoon the job was done and couldn't have been more pleased with his guys work professionals at there job by far i would recommend them to anyone great job David I really appreciate doing business with you and your team I will definitely be using you in the future.Thanks Again Brother."
M Saenz August 20, 2018
"We have used Trees R Us for many years for both business and personal. They recently completed a job on over 100 trees on 22 acres and did a fabulous job. Clean up after the job was exceptional and timeliness getting the work done was as agreed upon."
Bennita Britt November 8, 2017
"Excellent all around. Very knowledgeable with many years of experience ."
Michelle Smith July 19, 2016
"Once again we had a fantastic experience with David's Trees-R-Us. About 4 years ago, we called them out to trim up a huge oak in our front yard. We were so happy with the work that we called them again for further service. We had a pine tree in our back yard that was approximately six stories tall that needed to be cut down (safety reasons, it was leaning towards our house). David's Trees-R-Us quoted us an excellent price and the work was scheduled seamlessly. The crew arrived on time and greeted us very courteously. The pine tree was right next to a storage shed in the yard and not even 2 feet away from the neighbor's fence. A tricky job to say the least. A thousand kudos to David's crew! The tree crew brought that enormous pine tree down safely and carefully -- but quickly! A six-story pine tree was dismantled and down in under an hour -- and not one single branch even came CLOSE to touching the shed OR the fence. They worked fast but professionally and carefully, and were unfailingly polite the entire time. They answered my questions knowledgeably. At my request, one of the gentlemen even sawed off some small round pieces for me from a cut limb so I'd have some little pieces to keep, to remember my tree by. Once the tree was down, the entire crew worked on cleaning up every last bit of debris. Not a stray branch or pine cone remained once they were gone. We will DEFINITELY be calling them back to do some further work and certainly will recommend them in the future. Thanks so much, guys, you did a fantastic job (again!) and we appreciate you."